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This site was created for friends from VMK to keep in touch and so they can still stay friends when VMK closes.
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 Your reaction from the news

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Doodle :D
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Outstanding User!
Doodle :D

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PostSubject: Your reaction from the news   Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:05 am

how did you react when you found out VMK was closing?

i was calling my friend to join vmk, then she said that it wont let her. i was like WHAT!!!!???? i tried to be on the positive side and thought that maybe theyre just not letting more users join. i go on, and my friend is in a room called vmk goodbye party. so i go there to see her and shes like, im gonna miss you!! wahhh!!! - hugs - im like your quiting? shes like no vmk is closing!!! its gone!!! then i reliezed the shutting down and closing gates wasnt a joke and it was really gonna shut down. then i started crying and telling my family why and contacting vmk with letters telling them to keep it open. and i pretty much did that for the next 2 days. lol!

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Mod Squad
Mod Squad

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PostSubject: Re: Your reaction from the news   Fri Jun 19, 2009 5:28 am

i acted so stupid at first. we were in cute or boot and some went, 'VMK IS CLOSING!!' and i was like, 'its only on in the afternoon here..'
rotfl. then they were all, 'no, i mean closing for good!'
so then we were all, 'NO NO!!'
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Your reaction from the news
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